Cool real-life applications of scientific research

Run experiments online using Optimizely and WP Slimstat!

Would you like to run experiments on your website? Optimizely makes it really easy to do A/B testing on websites you’re hosting. Need to track individual visitors (for example because they’re coming in from Qualtrics)? Just install the WP Slimstat plugin on your site and match website visitors to Qualtrics through IP address or incoming link (if you personalized the end survey link). Drop me a line if you need help setting up your online experiment.

Thinking, fast and slow

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman is arguably the most important psychologist in history. With his work he has changed the way we think about thinking. His book is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in human behavior.

Coffee shop sounds to boost your creativity!

Researchers from Chicago found that a moderate level of ambient noise enhances performance on creative tasks (see the article here). In a nutshell, the distraction caused by a little bit of noise helps you think more abstractly, and hence be more creative. Based on this study, a group of creatives from Richmond, Virgina, have set up a website that mimicks the coffeeshop vibe by playing random chatter and clatter. Check their website, get yourself a latte machiatto and get those creative juices flowing!

Measuring REAL willingness to pay!

Most research on willingness to pay measures value by asking what you would be willing to pay. Some colleagues at the University of Amsterdam decided it was time to trade in the traditional 7-point Likert scale measures of willingness to pay for a behavioral measure of valuation. Veylinx uses auctions to reveal which product positioning or concept will sell and which consumers are willing to pay most. A cool way to measure actual willingness to pay! Want to use Veylinx for your research project? Check their website!