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“Joris has a great ability to explain abstract and complex concepts in a comprehensible and relatable way. His passion for consumer behavior inspired me to write my thesis in that field of research. During the entire process, Joris provided me with valuable insights and feedback. Not only did he support me with his knowledge and understanding of the topic, but also with his continued patience, willingness to help, and encouragement. Joris is the true embodiment of an academic lecturer and mentor.”
Andrea Perez Ortiz, Master student
“During my ‘thesis journey’, I had the pleasure of being supervised by Joris Demmers. Joris created a inspiring and open environment and brought the opportunity to discuss research ideas within a group setting. He was of great help from the beginning till the end of the process and provided excellent advice. His passion for research was a great motivator to go the extra mile. With the help of Joris, my thesis was awarded for best thesis by SWOCC. Moreover, I have greatly enjoyed the lectures given by Joris.”
Steffen van der Land, Master student